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Are your clients looking for Good Quality Blue Limestone?
Now let us recommend Newstar Top Blue Limestone,for you, it is made of Chinese Blue Limesome ,It can be made into all kinds of surface,and more kinds of style can be choosed.

1) Huge quantity with all kinds of Size can be supplied, include tile(40x40x3cm, 60x60x3cm, 80x80x3cm,100x100x3cm), slab,stair,kerbstone,,windown sill,corner stone,baluster etc .
2) Good Price,direct come from the factory ,nearly Quarry
3) Top Quality, there have more kinds of Blue Limestone Products can be choosed ,such as"Tile", "Slab" "Stair" "Kerbstone" "corner stone" "flower pot/vase"etc;

Limestone Tile
Finished Surface: Honed,Longan,Sandblasted,Sawn,Rough Picked,Flamed,Bush-Hammered
Suitable Size:40x40x2/3cm, 60x60x2/3cm, 80x80x2/3cm,100x100x2/3cm

Limestone Slab
Finished Surface:Honed,Rough Picked,Flamed,Bush-Hammered
Suitable Size:40x40x40cm,50x50x50cm,100x50x50cm,120x80x15cm,20x80x20cm,200x80x50cm,220x80x45cm, 250x80x20cm,100x100x100cm

Finished Surface:Honed,Longan,Sandblasted,Sawn,Rough Picked,Flamed,Bush-Hammered,Natural Spilit
Suitable Size:100x25x15cm,100x35x15cm,100x35x12cm,100x35x15cm,100x30x15cm,100x35x12cm,100x35x6cm,100x40x15cm,100x50x12cm,100x35x15cm,100x35x15cm

Finished Surface: Honed,Longan,Sandblasted,Flamed,Bush-Hammered
Suitable Size:100x35x15cm,100x20x20cm,100x30x20cm, 100x30x25cm,100x50x20cm,100x50x30cm,100x20x15cm

Flower Pot / Vase
Finished Surface: Honed,Longan,Sandblasted,Sawn,Rough Picked,Flamed,Bush-Hammered,Natural Spilit
Suitable Size:100x25x15cm,100x35x15cm,100x35x12cm,100x35x15cm,100x30x15cm,100x35x12cm,100x35x6cm,100x40x15cm,100x50x12cm,100x35x15cm,100x35x15cm

Finished Surface: Honed,Sandblasted,Flamed
Suitable Size:100x15x15cm,20x5x5 cm,20x10x10 cm,10x10x10cm,50x12x12cm,50x12x12cm, 50x12x12 cm,00x20x20 cm,100x20x15 cm,100x25x25 cm,100x30x30 cm

Window sill
Finished Surface: Honed,Rough Picked

Finished Surface:Honed,Longan,Sandblasted,Sawn,Rough Picked,Flamed,Bush-Hammered,Natural Spilit
Suitable Size:50x50x20cm

Finished Surface:Rough Picked
Suitable Size:180x50x20cm

Now we have more stock of Blue Limestone, if you are interested in our aforesaid products. Welcome contact us and confirm us the quantity you required, we would reply you ASAP.
Good Quality white Marble color
Good Quality Blue Limestone

Need Blue Limestone supplier,find Newstar More kinds of Blue Limestone can be choosed Friends, If you are interested in our Blue Limestone products, whatever what size and what quantity, welcome contact us !

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Newstar China-your friend in China
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